Thursday, July 24, 2008

Good things about the treadmill

Okay, so I detest running on the treadmill. However, living in coastal Florida, it's the only way I can get some serious hill training in, so it's a necessary evil. Maybe if I focus on the positive aspects, I'll forget it's boring as hell.

*The dining room is climate controlled at 74F with low humidity
*I have three fans on me at all times (ceiling fan, floor stand fan, treadmill fan)
*I don't have to hose myself down with SPF 45
*I have to push myself a bit harder because it's a pain in the ass to stop and restart it on the hill program
*I have my own cheering section in the way of the Great Dane and the Min Pin (okay, so they're napping, not cheering. But I can see that they're cheering for me on the inside every time I look into their confused little eyes)

Ummm, that's it. Still boring as hell.

ORN - 4 miles of hills

Song of the day: "A Little More You" by Little Big Town. Appropriate, as there's someone I'd like to get a little more of. But, as with all my other ill-conceived mini-crushes, it ain't happening. Which is fine. He's probably too young for me, anyway ;)

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