Saturday, July 26, 2008

18 Miles

Ran 18 miles this morning at 5:15 AM. Felt pretty decent for most of it, got a little hot with about three miles to go. I figure I'm supposed to ponder life and explore my deepest thoughts while running, but the deepest I got was, "Endorphins are a myth. At a certain point, this shit just hurts." Sorry. But if you'd like to know some of the inane things that ran through my mind this morning, read on.

*5 AM is really, really dark. Really.
*5 AM sucks, no matter what you're doing.
*Even at 5 AM, it's friggin' HOT.
*Frogs totally creep me out.
*When you're half-asleep, every twig that falls off a tree into the street looks like a snake in the shadows.
*Armadillos are kinda gross. Like possums with a hard candy coating.
*I really need to move. I hear the Yukon is nice this time of year.
*It's friggin' HOT.
*Since they're clearing that big ditch down the road, exactly *where* are all the gators and snakes that lived in there going to go? Running the neighborhood, most likely. We'll probably be on the news. (Looking behind me periodically to check for gators.)
*A Labor Day marathon in Mississippi was a FANTASTIC idea!!
*After 7 years, 13-2/3 marathons, and at least 10 half marathons, Gu STILL makes me gag.
*It's friggin' HOT.

After Thursday's hills, yesterday's brick, and today's run, my legs are tired. Since our AM was practicing creative scheduling, I'm working 5-11 tonight, so I figured I should get my long run over with today, but that leaves me with a free day tomorrow. Maybe I'll hit the pool.

Song of the day: "Songs About Rain" by Gary Allan. Come on--"I thought I was over you but I guess maybe I'm not; 'Cause when I let you go, looks like lonely was all that I got." There's nothing more deliciously country than that!
(**Wondering when exactly I became a redneck**)

Since it was a long run, I'm doing another one. Girl power song of the day: "Settlin'" by Sugarland. "I ain't settlin', just getting by; I've had enough so-so for the rest of my life; Tired of shootin' too low, so raise the bar high; just enough ain't enough this time." Yeah, baby.

OWorkN: I'm closing with the store manager, Sparky the Ass Clown, so the game of the evening will be Beat the Assistant Manager's Closing Time. He will see that E got us out at 10:05 on Thursday, so he'll make that his target. Except he's incompetent and too stubborn to hand the reins over to me, so he'll do it himself, which means that things will be done wrong and some things won't get done at all. And I'll just smile and nod my head at him. At least I'll get out early.
(Apparently I not only have low motivation for this job, I also don't respect "authority" figures. I think it's time to move on.)


tri.bassett said...

Well done on the long run!

Isn't it weird what goes through your head on the long runs? Wait until you step up to IM training and you are out on the bike for 6+hour training rides, you run out of deep thoughts about 3 hours in, and then you start to dig. I've come back from some of my longer rides giggling from all the stupid stuff that popped into my head.

Shawn said...

hahahahahaha! Me, IM training!! LOLOLOL

Thanks, though ;)

(Oh, how my sides hurt...)