Sunday, January 21, 2007


Well, my football picks were half-right. Super Bowl XLI will be the Colts vs. DA Bearsss. Chicago rocked most of the regular season, finishing #1 and with home field advantage throughout the playoffs. They are most likely going to be the underdogs in the Super Bowl, so I'm going to pull for them. Gotta love them underdogs :) Now, if they play like they did today, it should be a good game, and possibly a close one. (Grossman, keep your shit together, mmmmmkay?)

Jeez, what am I gonna do all day on Sundays until next fall?? I won't know how to act not riding the sofa for six or eight hours ;) I'm not really *that* bad--I'm like that commercial: "I only watch football on Saturday and Sunday. And Monday. Aaaand sometimes Thursday."


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momo said...

ya gotta love 6'5, 230 pound quaterbacks with laser-rocket arms, though, dontcha? (sorry, i love that commercial...) :-) should be a good game, i'd be happy either way, although my son would just die if the bears don't pull it out. he thinks urlacher walks on water.