Sunday, February 04, 2007

Suncoast Classic 10K Report

**Disclaimer: This will probably be a boring race report because it was a drama-free race. Just a nice, relaxing jog through St. Pete with friends :) **

Had a fun time at the Suncoast Classic 10K yesterday. Got up early and drove 50 miles into St. Pete. Parked in the parking garage, picked up my packet, got my chip, went back to the car to dump the goody bag in my trunk and got a call from Linae. Met her and her friends, stood around and chatted, then lined up to run. Two of her friends were walking the 5K, one of whom was doing her first, if I'm not mistaken. The 5K and 10K start together, so we got to see them on an out-and-back part. They did great, beating their goal time by 3 minutes.

It was a nice course and a very well-run event, probably my favorite St. Pete event so far. The weather was fabulous, cool and slightly overcast, and it sprinkled on us a little. Linae, and I paced her friend Molly to a 10K PR, which was fun. Molly was a hoot, and I love Linae to death, so it was a really fun run. AND, we ran the entire 6.2 miles with only two quick walk breaks (and those only long enough to drink a bit of water), which I have never done before. So WOOO HOOO!! We finished in 1:14-ish, according to my watch. I'm pleased with that :)

After the race, I went to Linae's. She made me a fabulous strawberry-banana smoothie, and I made friends with her lovebirds, Keiko and Bubba, and met her hubby Joe. Then I drove allllll the way back up to Hudson, showered, took a quick nap, and went to work at the Hellhole. So it was a *mostly* fun day ;)

Next up for me: Mercedes Marathon in Birmingham, Alabama with Penguin Kay. I'm a bit undertrained for this race, seeing as how I lost over a week of training when I was down with the Crud at New Year's. But I got a long run of 17 miles in, and a few hill workouts, so I'm hoping that's enough. No PRs for me at this one, but I'm cool with that. My race strategy is to draft off the Balloon Lady (last official finisher of the race every year--you have to finish ahead of her to get an official time) for 26 miles then blast past her at the finish ;)

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