Sunday, January 07, 2007

Starting to feel better

I've been sick with a freakin' cold for the past three days, and I haven't gotten to run AT ALL since the new year began. Ordinarily, I wouldn't worry about it, but I have another marathon coming up in mid-February, and I missed a whole week of running. Plus, it's Mercedes in Birmingham, Alabama, which has a 6-hour time limit. Guess I'll just do what I can and try to stay ahead of the Balloon Lady (last official finisher of the race.)

I'm actually starting to feel better. I'm back to just a sore throat and nasal congestion, which is where I was on Wednedsay. Occasionally I have this awful cough that sounds like I'm trying to hack up a lung, but not nearly as often as in the past two days. And I've got a headache, but I think it's a hangover from the NyQuil shots :P

Oh well. Ever onward.

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From Here to There said...

Oh you poor thing! Take it easy, if you come back too soon, you might relapse.

Besides, you have a killer base!

Now, regarding balloon lady. Do you have any pictures of her? See, my plan is to get the same balloons and then if you're behind her, YOU are the balloon lady, and SHE'S an imposter.

Ya, that's it....