Wednesday, January 03, 2007

2007 Goals

Another year, another list of goals. Or, more accurately, pretty much the SAME list of goals, just reworded a bit for 2007 :) Here we go:

1. Lose 30 lbs. This should be my LAST 30. After that, I will have to see how I feel and look, and how well I maintain, and possibly reassess from there. But I really think 30 should suffice. I will never be a size 2, nor do I want to be. I am not built that way. I want to be healthy and fit, not a stick woman.

2. Train for and run the three winter/spring marathons I have planned (Mercedes, ING Georgia, Flying Pig) and finish each within the course time limits. I will probably also run a fall marathon. Which one is yet to be determined, but I'm hoping Marines are involved :)

3. The ever-popular start a weight training and yoga/stretching routine. Unlike in previous years, I actually have a plan and a schedule.

4. Get at least six hours of sleep each night. This is going to be a bit easier because I told my boss at the Hellhole to cut me back to one weeknight shift and my Saturday night shift.

5. Get to 180 words per minute speed in school. I am currently at 120 wpm, which means I need to pass 120, 140, and 160. In twelve months. God help me. Seriously, I can do this by utilizing my time in class more wisely (unlike right now, as I'm sending an e-mail about my 2007 goals ;) ) and practicing at least an extra hour at home each day, probably reinforcing my theory.

6. Pay down my 'big' credit card balance by at least half by December 31, 2007. It's not a huge amount, but since I cut down on hours, I'm getting a bit less cash. And I don't want to dip into the money I've been saving for the past year and a half specifically for the races I knew I wanted to run. Perhaps that's irresponsible, but I figure, you need to get SOME pleasure out of life, right? :)

7. Read at least 12 books for pleasure. I love to read. Putting this on my goal list just gives me an excuse to not feel guilty about spending time with my nose in a book :)

Happy New Year to all, and I wish you all only the best for 2007!

Love ya!

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TriFeist said...

Shawn has a plan! Enjoy your reading. What a great goal. I have no time for pleasure reading but there's a polychaete paper here if you want something to put you to sleep. :)