Wednesday, October 01, 2008


A pathetic milestone, but a milestone nonetheless :)

After three years of flat-out refusing, tonight at the Hellhole I let W talk me into conquering one of my fears in life: I stood on the top of a 12-foot ladder, one leg swung over the bar, while he handed boxes of Aqua Globes or some such stupid shit up to me. My head was a full 17.5 feet above the ground. My balance is not ideal under normal circumstances. But I put those stupid boxes up on that high-ass shelf practically at the top of the store (go into any BBB if you don't know what I'm talking about--they're all laid out pretty much the same.)

I'm not afraid of heights at all--I've stood on the second-to-highest level you can go at the CN Tower in Toronto. I've ridden 300-foot-plus tall roller coasters over and over again until I was ready to puke. It seems I'm just afraid of ladders. More specifically of *being on* ladders. Mostly of falling off the top of them.

So one fear went down tonight. Next up: Public speaking.

Or maybe not....

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