Monday, October 06, 2008

LT's First Birthday Party - October 5

Yay! Presents!!

Obligatory Stupid Hat Photo

Nemo Cake!! The dark blue border didn't stain our tongues and teeth. Believe me, we tried...

Smash cake

This is how we ALL should eat cake

Obligatory Stupid Hat As Horns Photo (family tradition)

Baby Evel Knievel, Redneck Version ;)


Nancy Toby said...

Nemo cake came out great!!

Kids really only need about a cupcake worth, though... any more just spoils them. :-)

steffie said...

Gotta love my redneck evil knevilett lol. I see many ER visits in the near future! Tony just needs to buy his muddin tires for his four wheeler and possibly a lift kit for it lol! And why is the two horned hats a tradition what evil person started that one lol!

steffie said...

AMEN to eating cake like LT! I think that should be a new tradition! Have one cake for everyone else and a personal smash cake for the birthday person!! Im all for it!!

Shawn said...

Best line of the night goes to Steph: "Oh, great. Now he's got a shank."

Still LMAO at that one!

((Everyone else will probably be wondering what the hell goes on around here...)

steffie said...

yea thanks to you, he knows how to take the top of that off!! so its a shank!! i cant find the other half!! But he rides his quad with his shank and he torments abbi!! we had her in her cage lastnight cuz we shampood our carpets and he was "shanking" abbi threw the little holes in her cage!! He will do well if hes ever in prison! Seriously who makes a shank out of a two dollar busch gardens toy? Thats talent,im so proud lol