Sunday, October 12, 2008

I have absolutely NO idea

where this came from:

But there it was this morning, on the left side of the front of my right ankle. Of course, most of you know an unexplained bruise is not an unusual occurrence for me, but this one is pretty big and it's kind of tender.

All I know is if I have some kind of weird, fatal blood disease and I only have, like, three months to live and I'm spending them working at the Hellhole and frustrating the hell out of myself at school, I am gonna be SO. PISSED. OFF. when I get to Hell or wherever I'm going :-P

1 comment:

steffie said...

im thinking...BABY GATES!! Thats where i get most of my baby gate abuse! I learned to curl my feet up so it hits my ankles instead of my toes! OR maybe its dixie beating you up at night just to let ya know shes still chills with ya!!