Monday, October 20, 2008

Mount Desert Island Marathon in Pictures

Sunday, October 19, 2008. Bar Harbor (Bah Hahbah,) Maine. C-c-c-cold at the start (for me, at least--it was about 30F.) Fantastic race, friendly Mainers (not Maine-iacs,) gorgeous scenery, awesome schwag, diabolical hills. Due to said hills, I was hoping for sub-6:30. I ran 5:44:20, which is awesome for me, a mere 2 minutes over my PR from flat flat flat Kiawah Island. Thanks to Kay for pulling my carcass over the line!

Pics from the day before, as we were wandering the village:

Me in front of Frenchman's Bay

Frenchman's Bay

I'm 99.7% sure that's Cadillac Mountain

Gazebo by the town pier

Church in town

Pics from race day:

Freezing, whiny Florida girls

Why I miss Up North

Bait shop! I loved the lobster on the building


Where do I check in??
Mickey Mouse hands. The gloves never came off

Still alive and in good spirits past the halfway point

Kirsten!! She walked the marathon, finishing in 8:02 and change

Somes Sound, right around mile 18. The wind kicked up mercilessly and the temp seemed to drop about 10 degrees, so the throwaway shirt came back on for a few miles

Happy finishers! I'm sporting the unexpected and much-appreciated microsuede windshirt that was part of our schwag bag. And dig my mylar-chic skirt ;)

Bling! Shirt and medal. Who the hell looks good in this color?? Whatever. At least it's technical fabric

Blurry close-up of the medal. The past two years' sponsor was Red Lobster, so there was a Red Lobster logo where the crow is. I prefer the crow, especially after the race director told us the story of how Crow Athletics got its name, how crows and runners are similar. If you'd like me to retell his story, hit me up ;)


Nancy Toby said...

Well done Shawn!!!!! Hooray!! Fun pics, too.

Ellie Hamilton said...

Wonderful picture story! I want to hear how crows and runners are alike...

steffie said...

Awesome pix!! I miss the season fall!! All the pretty leaves! You made me cold when you were wearing gloves lol! I loved the scenery!! How did ya like lobster?? very yummy!!

steffie said...

CONGRATS on the PR!! Your doing great!

*jeanne* said...

envious! You did fabulous! :-)

*jeanne* said...
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*jeanne* said...

BTW - I like the new name of your Blog! :-)
Positve affirmation.

Jojo said...

WOOHOO! Good Job, Chica! Maine looks so beautiful in the Fall. Hubby and I want to do a camping trip over there to see the colors and such!

Great pictures too!!

Linae said...

Very cool pics, Shawn! Well done. I'd love to hear the crow story.

Downhillnut said...

Great pics - thanks for taking me there with you! You look fantastic and the course scenery looks like it lived up to your expectations - beautiful.

Add my vote to the crow story requests.