Monday, September 29, 2008


Carol, who actually remembered me this time, went just a bit shorter than we had discussed, but it's fine; my hair grows pretty fast. It'll be perfect in about a month.

Most of those who have seen it like it. Weird, slightly creepy moment at the Hellhole on Saturday: This middle-aged guy checks out and says, "Oh. You cut your hair. I liked it long." I have no idea who this guy was. I usually at least recognize the "regulars." Like the dude who comes in every Wednesday night with his wife, and wanted to sprinkle holy water on me when he found out I was a Cowboys fan. At least I *knew* who he was and forgave the moronic comment ;)


A Wild Celtic Rose said...

I think it's very cute!

I've been meaning to email or comment for some time, but life's been crazy.

Your posts about where you would or wouldn't be if life had been different/you'd made different choices really struck a chord with me.

If I hadn't been in the abusive marriage, where would I be, where would I be working, what choices would I have made, would I be as happy as I am now?

Jojo said...

Very Nice! I like it! It's not too short but it is a change for you! :) YAY!!!!

steffie said...

Its very cute!! You can pull of short hair :) i cant :( Its perfect for the wonderful humid weather we are having!!