Monday, June 05, 2006

Sleepy Weekend

Well, this weekend was pretty much a bust. I hadn't been sleeping well earlier in the week (I had gotten about 8 hours total in three days), which happens every couple of months or so, so I left school early on Thursday and ditched completely on Friday. Slept in on both Saturday and Sunday (had to work Saturday, but didn't have to go in until 2 PM). I'm feeling much better today, and I bought some melatonin to help with my sleep problem, should it happen again :)

As a result of all the sleeping, I'm behind on my blog-reading and e-mails, and I bagged my workouts all week. So for the first time since January, I have a zero-mile week in my running log :( I should have run; I probably would have slept better. Anyway, I'm back on track, which makes me happy.

I have a few photos I need to download; one of my Hello Kitty birthday cake (yes, I'm 32 and I had a Hello Kitty birthday cake--are you sad for me??) and then a couple random shots my sister took of me. We really need to do something fun to take pictures of instead of just making goofy faces at each other.

Oh, and I have a gripe, but I don't have time to rant about it right now. Perhaps this afternoon :)

Later, gators.


From Here to There said...

Happy belated birthday!

Nothing wrong with Hello Kitty... I have a 'Bert' collection in my home.

We all need a break sometime, and who knows, the rest you took may have prevented an illness. Speaking of which, thanks for the comment :) Sick sucks.

Looking forward to your rant. I haven't had one since Sunday!

Dawn - Pink Chick said...

You're never too old to have fun. Who says we have to grow up. :-)