Monday, June 19, 2006

Monday :-P

Hello everybody! Just my weekly check-in. Not really much going on--same stuff, different week. School, work, run, repeat. I was shooting for 20 miles this week, but due to sheer laziness, I managed to get in 17. Well, Nancy told me to adhere to the 10% rule while I'm trying to ramp stuff up in preparation for marathon training, which starts next week for me, so, ummmm, that's what I did. I wasn't lazy, I was prudent in my approach to training ;)

School stuff: After missing my 100 wpm literary test by SEVEN WORDS early last week, I came back with a train wreck of a test on Thursday. It sounded like the dictating instructor (the dictator?) was speaking Greek. At 150 words per minute. ((sigh)) This week fer sure....

Work stuff: Still sucks. I worked Saturday night. It wasn't really that bad. A few of us were playing with a clock that announced the hours with quotes from Homer Simpson. (My favorite: "Mmmmmm....64 slices of American cheeeeeese.....") Then, at the end of the night I went to clean the bathrooms. Some kid (and you just KNOW it was a kid) thought it would be funny to lock the men's room stall from the inside, so I had to slide under the stall on my stomach, on the gross floor, and unlock it. Little rat bastard, whoever he is. Anyway, I told Jeff, the closing manager, that I didn't want to hear any pissing and moaning about how I don't put forth my best effort in cleaning the bathrooms (which I don't, but I digress...), since NO ONE else would have belly-crawled under the men's room stall. So Jeff says, "Oh yeah, I went into the bathroom about 45 minutes ago and I looked under the door and I didn't see any feet." Me: "Okay, so YOU could have gone under instead of me??" Jeff: "Yeah, RIGHT! A big fat guy? I wouldn't have made it all the way under!" Now this is the point in the conversation where I'm glad Jeff and I have a good relationship, because, without thinking (as ususal), I said: "Yeah. I guess it would have been like Pooh getting stuck in the rabbit hole...." (Jeff is about 6'2" and goes about 260 lbs.) Thankfully, he just busted out laughing.

So, that's been my week. Marathon training starts next week, as I've previously mentioned, and my next event is a 10K in Dunedin at midnight on July 4th. I've never done a midnight race, so it should be fun :)


nancytoby said...

Way to go!

Now 10% more for this week is 18.7 miles. You can round it off to 19 if you want. Go wild.

Just trying to help....

*jeanne* said...

A MIDNIGHT race! Whooo-hooo, that sounds like FUN!

The Howard County Striders used to have a midnight race for their Women's Distance Festival 5K, but then the MOVIE theatre at the mall (they ran loops around the Columbia Mall parking area - lots of free parking, lots of light) got bent out of shape about it interrupting their business. Now it's a regular 8 am race. I wasn't running yet when it was at midnight.

I did do the Blue Moon run 2 years ago - that was at 10 pm. AWESOME. Spooky and unlit on a rails-to-trails path...

And I have a little fantasy about doing a New Year's Eve midnight run - there are a few not too too too far away. (Pennsylvania, & New Jersey. And there's one in NYC - Barbara Grandberg's done it!)

From Here to There said...

Buggers. I remember crawling under the stalls and my inner Howard Hughes SCREAMING over the germs. You deserve a raise. Your boss a kick in the arse.

Hope your next test goes well!

The midnight race sounds awesome! Can't wait to read about it!