Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Pat F'in Green!! Concert

**Before I start, could someone PLEASE remind me to use my mom's WAY more ginormous, but infinitely better-quality camera next time I go to a concert?? Thank you :)**

Anyway, in keeping with my fine tradition of stalking hot country singers, Wendy, her (now-fiance) Louis, and I headed to the Dallas Bull in Tampa to see Pat Green last Friday (3/13) He's not exactly a common feature on standard country radio stations, even though he should be. Check out "Carry On," "Wave on Wave," and "Three Days." The audience was probably half Texans, including our two new friends, Daphne and Bill, from Austin. They follow Pat around, which is pretty cool. They were very friendly and kept buying us drinks, including a shot of Jaeger, which is vile, but I did it anyway. Didn't want to be rude ;)

Wendy and me. And Louis' finger up in the corner

Jaegermeister banner. Not that you can see it with my inferior camera :-P

Cowboy Troy opened the show. "Hick Chick" and "I Play Chicken with the Train." He's a 6'4" black country rapper. What else can I say??

The MC was Rick Monroe. I don't know who he is, but he did a friggin' AWESOME cover of Cross Canadian Ragweed's "Boys From Oklahoma." While I don't personally indulge, that doesn't mean I don't enjoy hearing about it from others ;)

Randy Houser was the second act on the tour. He was really good. Louis liked him best, so there ya go.

The man of the hour, Pat F*ckin' Green! That's how he's greeted by his fans when he comes out on stage. I explained this to Wendy before he came on, but I don't think she believed me. So we got Daphne and Bill in on it, and they confirmed that I was NOT making this shit up.

He put on an excellent show, *almost* as good as Gary Allan. I will be stalking him in the future :)

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