Monday, March 16, 2009

Disney Princess Weekend - Sunday, Post-Race

Nancy had to leave soon after the race to catch her flight back home, leaving Holly, Linae, and me to wander around Downtown Disney and Epcot.

Me and the world's biggest dalmatian. Go Pongo!!

Penguins and Tri-Deads in Downtown Disney. Front, Linae. Back row, Karen, Kay, me, Holly, Daria

Yes, another margarita.

Holly in front of the Lego dragon

Apparently, I was fascinated by this dragon

Me in "Italy"



Multiculturism at work. Drinking a margarita in "Norway." (Yes, yet ANOTHER margarita. What are you implying, exactly??)

Holly and Linae in "China."

Illuminations at Epcot

We also hit MGM and rode the Rock n Roller coaster twice. And we managed to get Linae on Tower of Terror, which was friggin' AWESOME!! While I *love* roller coasters, I'm not usually a fan of drop-rides; but ToT was very well-done.


Daria said...

First...don't you sleep...posting at 12:06AM! Second...I didn't see some of those Mulan & Jasmine.....I would have stopped. Hell, I stopped for everyone else that I saw,, what's another 2 or so minutes added on for each photo op....especially at my pace. Loved the whole weekend and getting ready to do it again next year.....this time with a tutu but not the pouffy kind...found one online!

TronWife said...

Looks like a great time all around!