Friday, March 06, 2009

Does this tutu make my butt look big??

Subtitle: Random Friday Night BS

But before we get to the randomness, here are some pretty pictures I've been remiss in posting:


Okay, now that that's out of the way, it's time to focus on the topic at hand, namely Sunday's Disney Princess Half Marathon. Which I will be running wearing a tutu, which *does*, in fact, make my ass look three feet wide. Similar to this:
I didn't count on the tulle being quite so itchy and annoying against my legs. I had originally bet that it would last six miles; now I'm thinking three. But I'll make sure to get some photos before it comes off, because it's too ridiculous to NOT have pictures.
So I should be finishing up packing right now, yet I'm sitting here eating Swedish Fish and downloading pictures of dancing hippos :) I'm leaving early tomorrow morning to make the drive into Orlando. It *should* take me 2 hours. I'm guessing more like 1.5, since I'm a known lead foot. Just ask the Alabama State Patrol. Anyway, I'm mostly packed, I've got Pat Green and Gary Allan CDs for the drive, I'll be hitting the expo (which I'm sure will be a zoo,) meeting Linae when she rolls into the Happiest Place on Earth, then we'll hook up with Holly and Nancy in one of the parks. Fun! I haven't seen Nancy since IMFL 2006, and it was MCM 2007 for Holly. And I haven't seen Linae since...uh, last weekend.
I seem to have regained my Mountain Dew addiction. What is it about sugar pop that is so irresistible to me? I think they lace it with crack or something. Whatever; all I know is if I don't quit drinking so much of it, I'm going to give myself diabetes :-P
School is still frustrating the hell out of me. They insist on forcing us to use this program that basically grades us in realtime writing, and since we all suck at it without the benefit of editing, we've all been knocked down 20 wpm. This is NOT helping us get any faster. So we're planning a mutiny next week.
Work: blah. I don't call it the Hellhole for no reason. Sometimes the Shithole. The Rathole would be appropriate too, since we have several of the little buggers running around eating the candy in the front store room. Anyway, I found out my favorite assistant manager, Wendy, is leaving next month. I am completely bummed about that. Now who am I going to go drinking with at Chili's after a Saturday night shift??
Okay, that's enough BS for now. Look for pics and a race report early next week.
Later, y'all!

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