Thursday, September 25, 2008

Minus Five Inches?

I have an appointment with my hair stylist tomorrow. She rarely remembers me since I only get my hair cut about every four months or so. Whenever I go into the salon with my mom, Carol looks at me a few times and then says, "You look soooo familiar...." Uh, yeah. You've been cutting my hair for the past three years. Anyway, the last time I saw her was right before my birthday. Memorial Day. Which explains why it looks like shit now ;)

I'm thinking of going with a medium-length, lightly layered bob, which would entail hacking off about 5" of hair. Since I don't have a boy whispering "Don't cut your hair! I *love* long hair!" in my ear, I'm currently 60% in favor of making the chop.

So what say you, readers (both of you?) So far, as of 4:25 PM, I have two votes for Chop It! and zero for Keep It!

And, yes, this is a big deal to me. Girls tend to get attached to their hair :)


Don said...

What the hell I'd say, it will grow back.

steffie said...

i say no!! you should grow ur hair out!!! youve always had shorter hair i say go longer!!

Jojo said...

I have to agree with the choppers. It will grow back and a new look always makes me feel better! Let me tell you about short hair, LESS HASSLE!!!! Keep us posted on your decision!