Monday, September 22, 2008

Ten-Second Book Review - Hidden

Just finished Hidden, by Paul Jaskunas. An excellent read IMO--kind of a mystery, a bit of a thriller. Did the husband do it? Will she ever find out what really happened? The mind and memory are fascinating things. Once you think you know something, you can convince yourself that it is the truth. But it's sometimes only the truth as you see it. And I could totally identify with the flawed protagonist, Maggie, who fell for a charming guy that *everybody* loves, a real Mr. Everybody's All-American type, who, in reality, is kind of a dick.

And extra props to Jaskunas for writing Maggie so well. It's rare that a male novelist can pull that off.

4.5 stars out of 5.


Ellie Hamilton said...

Wow, makes me want to run right out and get it! Also, your observations on truth are applicable to one's view of life in general. "What is truth?"
-- one of history's great quotes (from Pontius Pilate, who shouldn't get the blame, but that's just my perception...)

Shawn said...

I highly recommend this book, Ellie. It was really well-written, and the subject matter was fascinating, to me at least :)

If you want to borrow my copy, I'll be happy to drop it in the mail to you. Let me know by email.