Monday, January 14, 2008

Slacking already

Hmmm. It seems I owe a weekly report. But it's kinda late, so I'll get to that tomorrow. I should also post my Annual List of Failures, 2007 Edition here. Followed by my Annual List of Future Failures, 2008 Edition. You'd think I'd just stop making the damn goal lists. But I guess I gotta have something to shoot for, right?

I can't imagine *how* I forgot to post this (uh, maybe because I'm a blog-slacker?) but I'm registered for Country Music Marathon in Nashville on April 26. Or right around there. Whatever that Saturday is. Anyway, WOOO HOOO, Nashville, Baby! And Linae is going, and I'll finally get to meet the awesome and wonderful Lisa in person. So I'm pretty stoked. That weekend is gonna kick ass!

Umm, what else? Oh, I have a busy weekend coming up. No Hellhole for me on Saturday (yay!!) because my mom and I are going to the George Strait concert. Even though it'll be a WAY different crowd and vibe from the Keith Urban concert Linae and I went to last month, I'm still really looking forward to it. I got the tickets for my mom for Christmas, and it was nice getting her a cool gift that she was NOT expecting.

The day after the King George concert, I'm running a half marathon in Clearwater. With a little luck, good weather, decent preparation, and an awesome pacer, this will be my PR half. So everyone send fast vibes to me on Sunday morning!

Lastly for the evening, I got a down-alternative fiber bed to put under my mattress pad. This gives me about an additional 4" of fluffy softness to sleep on. Add that to my down-alternative duvet, my down-alternative (notice a theme?) pillows, and my 600 thread count sheets, and I may never leave my bed again.

On that note, I'm going to get into it right now.


Floridamarathon said...

Found your blog via google - just wanted to wish you the best of luck this Sunday!

Chris Lauber
Race Director
Clearwater Halfathon

Jojo said...

How did you do on your race?