Thursday, January 17, 2008

2007 Goal Recap

1. Lose 30 lbs. >> Didn't happen. Guess what will be on the top of my 2008 list?

2. Run three spring marathons and a fall marathon. >> I ran Mercedes, ING Georgia, and Flying Pig in the spring, thus earning Marathon Maniac status, and then Marine Corps in the fall. I had a late-summer marathon in Tupleo, MS all planned out, but I messed up my foot two weeks before, so had to scrap that one.

3. Weight training/yoga. >> Nope. Think I'll EVER do this one? I don't know *why* it's so hard...

4. Six hours of sleep per night. >> Not always, but I've gotten better.

5. Get to 180 wpm steno. >> Got to 140. Slowly but surely getting up there.

6. Pay down big balance credit card by half. >> Nope, but my smaller balance will be gone by the end of March.

7. Read at least 12 books for pleasure. >> Of course. Read 13.

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