Monday, January 07, 2008

Back to "Real Life"

Well, vacation is over, and it was pretty craptacular. Just more incentive for me to finish school (which I WILL do by the end of this year!! Oh, sweet Jesus, PLEASE...) and finally start my own life. I guess the reason I don't feel my age is because I'm basically living the life of a 16-year-old.

My sister and her BF and their baby left Saturday. I actually enjoyed the baby, Little Tony (or L.T., as I nicknamed him--it sounds cool, like a football player!) in spurts. He's only three months old, so he doesn't really do much; I enjoyed him for about 15 minutes at a time. He's a cute baby:

Okay, not the *best* picture of him, but he was very cute in person. Here's one of Steph, Tony, and L.T.:

They're on their way back to Michigan now, but they're moving back to Daytona in February. Close enough that we'll get to see them, but still a 3-hour buffer for me ;) I can't wait until L.T. starts talking--I've got LOTS of stuff to teach him....mwahahahaha!!

We didn't really do much over the holiday vacation. We went to SeaWorld in Orlando last Friday. I have tons of pictures to go through, which I will get to soon. I had never been, so it was interesting. I love aquariums, but I'm terrified of open-water swimming. And my fears were not lessened after going through the shark exhibit at SeaWorld. But I decided (read: let my friends coerce me) into doing a sprint triathlon in June, and I'm going to do it, Jaws or no Jaws.

Well, that's it for now. My life is way too boring to post daily, but I'll try to get at least a weekly recap up, and post if anything exciting happens (don't hold your breath...) One of my 2008 goals is to keep up with my blog-reading, which I've already started, so I'm feeling pretty good about that.

Happy 2008, y'all!!


Downhillnut said...

The best part about being an auntie is getting to enjoy the baby in manageable time frames of your choosing. LT is very cute!

Can't wait to see your pics of Seaworld! It's one of my favourite places in Orlando.

Jojo said...

He's such a cutie! Lil' ones are so adorable and then they go back to mama/dad. I have a furbaby and I am quite content! :)