Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Sunset at Frenchy's

Linae, Joe, and I met up last night with the Bruces from Chicago, who are in town for the Outback Bowl (GO COCKS! That was for you, Eric, lol.)

Sunset on Clearwater Beach

Heather, Eric, Linae, and me

To the triathletes! That's Joe on the right.


Nancy Toby said...

I still hate you guys. I'm just sayin'... anybody having that much fun is evil in my eyes.

Jojo said...

You look fantastic!! I wish I could do those long runs!

Anywho, so what's the story on Joe?

Shawn said...

Thanks, Darla :)

Joe is Linae's hubby, whom she also sucked into the triathlon vortex this past year, lol. We don't call her Dr. Pusher for nothin' :)