Monday, December 01, 2008

Not the Right Girl

He seems to be interested in a polished, big-city type of girl. I'm basically a Southern girl with a Northern accent, infinitely more comfortable in small towns.

He seems to want champagne, caviar, and the opera. I'm beer and brats and country music. Football and hockey. Though I'm not opposed to the opera.

He seems to want a girl who is thoroughly put together: Perfect hair and makeup, dressed well all the time. I pretty much live in beat-up jeans, shorts and flip flops. Low-maintenance hair, little makeup. I run, therefore I sweat. It's not really attractive. Salt forms on my face, arms, and legs. NOT put-together by any stretch.

He seems to want someone who is "on" all the time. Sometimes I just want to BE. I don't have a zillion fascinating stories to tell you and your friends. A lot of war stories from my marriage, sure. But who wants to hear those? Running or race stories? Probably would bore people to death. Court reporting, books, dysfunctional families. These are the things I know best.

In the entire time I've known him, though he's flirted with me relentlessly, he hasn't really asked me any questions about myself, and so really knows very little about me. It's a shame; he's missing out.

I can only surmise that he's not really interested, and he's merely a flirt. Which is fine. Absolutely nothing wrong with that. I'm not the right girl anyway. So when I see him from now on, I'll smile at his flirty little comments, and know in the back of my mind that there's someone pretty cool out there somewhere looking for beer and brats and hockey.

Probably in Nashville or Charlotte :)


A Wild Celtic Rose said...

My new friend admires the fact that I fixed my own toilet without asking for help (he's a chemist turned contractor) and thought the fact that I'd get grubby changing my own bike tire was awesome.

The things he wants to do with me are: backpacking, climbing, running, biking, paddling...

He doesn't like "city women" because they are "too civilized".

Real men who like real women (not painted up wussy girls) do exist.

Shawn said...

Thanks, Lisa :) I'm certainly having no luck with that around here. Must be something in the water....

Nobody seems to appreciate independent and goofy anymore, lol. So I'm in a sh*tload of trouble ;)

Todd Byers said...

Uh, yeah Shawn. Like, whatever.

I do all that guy stuff -- British car work, hike, camp, run, sweat (right now I am stripping a door to refinish -- yes, I am a stripper in ALL senses of the word!) AND I make jewelry, soaps, candles, Love, stained glass projects, cook enough to live, cry (not because of the cooking!) and can sew my hem on my pants when need be. So what does that make me??

Undesireable, it seems!!

So what's your point?

That there are at least TWO of us GREAT people out there who are so horribly underappreciated that we spend the holidays alone??


By the way, even with all of the comparisons, Puccini over Verde -- anyday!

Todd Byers