Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Christmas Eve

A few photos from Christmas Eve :)

We, as Midwesterners, think this is funny. It's also appropriate, since it was 82F here today. It *is* cute, though :)

The annual apple pie

My first attempt at deviled eggs. I couldn't find my star decorating tip, so I filled them by squeezing the filling out of a baggie with the corner snipped off. Also, the paprika kinda got away from me a time or two ;) Not pretty, but quite tasty.

Roscoe, the only fur kid left in the Newton household

Our temporary house guest, Patrick. He lives across the street. His mom and dad went out of town for Christmas eve. He's very friendly, but quite needy ;)

My favorite gift so far. What does one get for someone who loves the Dallas Cowboys AND has a weird thing for garden gnomes?? There ya go.


Nancy Toby said...

Roscoe reminded me of this:

Shawn said...

LOL--Yeah, he's a little weird-looking. We compare him to a Gremlin (shoulda called him Gizmo.) But we still love him. He's old and a little needy ;)

Daria said...

Love the tree! & that Cowboys Gnome! Ours is weathered because he had spent some time outdoors.During football games, he sits right next to the TV. Hope you had a great Christmas and that the New Year is good to you.

TronWife said...

O-M-G...first, I LOVE your Christmas palm tree!! AND I love your Cowboy gnome!! I have several gnomes-even had one gnome napped at work when I was still at Home Depot...complete with ransom notes and Glad to say, he was returned safely to me.

TronWife said...

Oh, and your eggs are more fancy than mine...I just dollop them filling from a Sshh, dill is my 'secret' ingredient in my deviled eggs.

Shawn said...

Oooh, I'll have to try them with dill next time! Thanks for the tip :) My friend's recipe has a bit of pickle relish in it. I followed a different recipe, though; the only "secret" ingredient was a splash of vinegar.

They turned out quite tasty for my first attempt :)