Friday, March 07, 2008

Tall Drink of Water

Tuesday night, my mom and I went to the Strawberry Festival (aka Redneck Hootenanny, Part Deux. Part Une was the Florida State Fair) in Plant City. Between the mullets, the cowboy hats, and the extraordinarily obese people walking around with a turkey leg in one hand and a corn dog in the other, the festival yet again satisfied the people-watcher (voyeur?) in me.

I was still suffering from The Plague, but the lure of strawberry shortcake and Blake Shelton was great enough to get my crud-infested, germy self there. In the rain. At least it was warm.

In addition to being hotter'n Texas in July and a great singer, Blake Shelton is hysterically funny. He really played up the Redneck aspect of Central Florida, culminating in a cover of the Bellamy Brothers' "Gimme a Redneck Girl." It was a blast!

My mom got a kick-ass camera for her birthday, so the pictures are WAY better than they were at the George Strait concert. Below are some pictures of the super-fine Mr. Shelton, all 6'5" of him. Yummy:

Cover of Hank Jr.'s "A Country Boy Can Survive"

"Ol' Red"

Yeah, it's country :)

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