Monday, March 10, 2008

Gary Allan ROCKS!!

Country singer Gary Allan rocked us out at Busch Gardens yesterday. Of course, Linae and I had a blast--a hot guy with a sexy voice singing to us? Oh, yeah. We are sooooo there!

Here we are: The 1st and 3rd place age group winners (F 30-34) in the Armadillo Run 5K with our celebratory Bud Select!

Gary rises up from beneath the stage. He started his set with "Watching Airplanes," his current #1 song and one of my personal favorites. It gets stuck in your head ;)


One of my deep, dark secrets: I'm a sucker for a bad-ass tat...

I think it's worth noting that he and a couple other members of his band killed half a bottle of whiskey while on stage. And while we were all holding up our beer to salute him, one dude held up a half-eaten turkey leg. Only in Florida. Welcome to the Freak Show State, Mr. Allan. Please come back sometime.

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Jojo said...

Wow Shawn ~
I just caught up with all of your running adventures! Congrats on your achievements! thanks for the awesome shots of the hot men! MMmmmmm hot men *drool*

Hope all goes will this weekend with your next marathon! Go get 'em girl!