Sunday, February 04, 2007

Props to the Colts

I gotta give props to the Indianapolis Colts, who won Super Bowl XLI tonight. They beat the Chicago Bears 29-17. They were pretty awesome from the second quarter on. I wasn't all that interested in the outcome since my team wasn't there, but I would have liked to have seen da Bearsss pull it out, just because no one gave them a shot in hell. Turns out they were right. Bad Rex Grossman showed up for Chicago, and it was pretty much over from the first offensive possession.

I was fairly unimpressed with most of the commercials. There were a few funny ones: A Doritos one with a cheesy guy and a clumsy chick; A Blockbuster ad with a bunny, a hamster and a mouse; and a commercial with a squirrel throwing acorns at a guy. I can't remember what that one was for; I only caught the last half of it. I hope to see it again though! It was cute.

Entertainment: My boy Billy Joel sang the national anthem. He was pretty good. Of course, I *heart* him, so I may be biased. Prince was the halftime show. He was okay, but I wish he had sung some different songs. Where was "Kiss?" "1999?" "Little Red Corvette?" Yawn.

So, that's my Super Bowl XLI report. And next year, Super Bowl XLII?



momo said...

it was a good game, made even more interesting by all that slipping and sliding around. that ball looked like it had been greased with vaseline!

next year super bowl in in my town, so if your team comes, come on down!

*jeanne* said...

I didn't watch.
I watched one year for the commercials, one year because they made a big deal with the Mayor of Baltimore vs. the Mayor of NYC doing a "My City's Better than Your City" as an ad campaign (And I'm a New Yorker living and running with the Baltimore Crowd now - so that appealed to me. I was bored stiff during the game and cried when the Ravens CRUSHED the Giants...or whatever the NY team was.
What? Me, remember? A FOOTBALL TEAM? Not bloody likely. Except for ONE team I hate.)