Friday, November 10, 2006

IMFL Mini-Report

I originally sent this list of stuff I learned at Ironman Florida to a friend of mine, and thought it was pretty good, so I'm posting it here as a mini-report. I'll post some pictures later on. I wish I had gotten more. I'm still learning how to be a spectator. I should be an expert by the time Linae's Ironman rolls around next year!

--Florida is in two time zones. Who knew? Well, probably lots of people, but I was not one of them.
--There are bears in Florida. I didn't get to see any, for which I am both grateful and slightly disappointed.
--When you get up at 5 AM every morning during the week, getting up at 5 AM on your "day off" sucks. But it was totally worth it.
--Wearing kitty cat ears to a huge athletic event elicits lots of attention. And chuckles and smiles. And a few "here, kitty kitty kitty" comments.
--Anybody who takes on an Ironman is a rock star wrapped in a super hero. And slightly insane. But it's all good.
--I have no desire at this point in my life to attempt an event of this magnitude. I can say with a fair amount of certainty that I will probably never have that desire. I will, however, volunteer and play cheerleader for these athletes anytime, anywhere.
--I have been in Florida entirely too long because I was freezing my ass off waiting for Ellie to come in. It was probably only about 50*. But it was windy. And dark. And even the Canadian contingent admitted to being cold. So I am not a complete wuss.
--I don't like champagne, but add in a little OJ and it's quite the tasty little cocktail.
--Drinking four of the aforementioned cocktails gives me a headache about three hours later. And makes me very very sleepy. (I actually can't remember how many mimosas I drank--my original estimate was six, but that seemed high. Now I'm thinking it was half a glass of champagne and four mimosas...)
--Hanging with my girls that weekend was like summer camp, only way funner. Yes, I said "funner." That's how much fun it was :)
--As always, I find it amazing that the people you have the most fun with can be people you've only met once or twice in the flesh.

Full report before the end of the weekend--I promise :)