Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Great American Teach-In

My friend and classmate Melanie and I just got back from participating in the Great American Teach-In, which is where vocational schools go around to public schools and give a presentation about their program. Ms. Patnode, Mel, and I went to an inner-city elementary school in Tampa and talked about court reporting to two classes of third graders. They were pretty bored with it until Ms. P. pulled a volunteer up and asked the kid questions (like a deposition), and Mel and I typed it as they were speaking. Then they let the kids come up to us and tell us what to type, and they got to keep the little paper tape. They went absolutely bat guano over that. This one little girl was telling me the names of everyone in her entire family, another kid told me this fairly long story. It was cute :)

So this was slightly more worthwhile than voting for Emmitt Smith for an hour last night. I feel somehow redeemed ;)


nancytoby said...

What a cool thing to do!! Thanks for doing that!

TriFeist said...

What a blast! All those kids think you're a typing supergenious. Those small things have a big impact on kids.