Monday, January 19, 2009

Good Weekend :)

On Friday, I passed my speed test, thus enabling me to (officially) move on to the next level. Which I had been (unofficially) practicing at for a month anyway :)

On Saturday, I ran a 10K in St. Pete Beach in 59:06, which is a 3.5 minute PR and the first time I've ever broken an hour. Just a year ago, I was running 1:12-1:14 at that distance.

I had to work at the Hellhole all day today, but it's all good--I'm still slightly giddy from the good stuff ;)


Cheryl said...

What changed with your training that allows you to be setting all of these PR's??

TronWife said...

WTG on the PR! Gives me hope that I'll break 60 some day too!