Friday, February 29, 2008


L.T. at the State Fair earlier this month. We were dancing. He obviously loved it :)

A few pics from Gasparilla '08

Mom and me before the race.

The medal. Dig that "Publix green" ribbon...

Front of the medal

Back of the medal

Monday, February 18, 2008

2008 Race Schedule

It occurred to me last night (at about 2 AM, of course,) that I never posted my "official" 2008 race schedule. So, for your reading pleasure (and so you can laugh at my dumb ass,) here it is:

1/20 Clearwater Halfathon, Clearwater, FL 13.1 miles
2/9 Gasparilla 15K, Tampa, FL 9.3 miles
2/24 Mardi Gras Marathon, New Orleans, LA 26.2 miles
3/8 Armadillo Run 5K, Oldsmar, FL 3.1 miles
3/16 Bay to Bay 12K, St. Pete, FL 7.4 miles
4/26 Country Music Marathon, Nashville, TN 26.2 miles
5/17 Hog Hustle 5K, Dunedin, FL 3.1 miles
6/21 Maverick Sprint Triathlon, Siesta Key, FL
7/4 Meese Midnight Run 10K, Dunedin, FL 6.2 miles
8/31 Tupelo Marathon, Tupelo, MS 26.2 miles
10/19 Mt. Desert Island Mar., Bar Harbor, ME 26.2 miles
11/20 SP Times Turkey Trot 10K, Clearwater, FL 6.2 miles
11/22 Seashore Marathon, Rehoboth Beach, DE 26.2 miles
12/7 Gulf Beaches Half, Madiera Beach, FL 13.1 miles

That's a lot of t-shirts, and some bitchin' bling!

Gasparilla Distance Classic 15K

I've been neglectful yet again. Here is the race report that I posted to my lists:

Well, it was not my day to PR today. I missed it by about 2 minutes. Finished in 1:50:13, according to my watch. But I JFR'd, I ran like hell, I ran till my eyeballs bled, I did my very best, and it's difficult to be disappointed with my time. So I'm not. I figure I must have been in WAY better shape last year to get 1:48 and change.

My mom came in about 3 minutes after me.

It was a gorgeous weather day, in the mid-60s at the start, not terribly sunny. I was in my Geek Hat, which got lots of cheers. I felt kinda bad because one guy wished me a happy birthday. I just said thanks and kept running. No birthday--I' m just wearing a pink tiara because I'm a dork ;)

Got my picture taken with a pirate afterward, got some delicious goodies, sang along to Taylor Swift with the lady at the WQYK truck, lost my dad (our chauffeur) for about a half hour after the race. The medals are kinda lame; last year's were WAY better. I'll post a picture later. Bright green ("Publix Green" as I call it) and it has the Publix logo great big on the ribbon. Blah. I'm a complete medal ho--I want the awesome bling! I saw a picture of the Mardi Gras medals online, and THOSE look like some awesome bling!

Anyway, another Gasparilla is in the books. So now I'm gonna go shower and take a nap, then maybe catch a movie later this evening. And next year? 1:48 will be annihilated :-D

Friday, February 08, 2008


That is the time I need to beat to PR 15K tomorrow. It's going DOWN!!

Monday, February 04, 2008

Week in Review: Jan 28 - Feb 3

Well, another moderately uneventful week. Getting closer and closer to passing my speed at school. I've got five weeks. I think I can do it. Worked Wednesday night and Saturday morning, as usual. Saturdays bring out all the jackasses for some reason. Maybe it's just because I'm there longer to notice it.

Of course, there was the Super Bowl. A disappointment to me, but it's just because I don't like the Giants. Otherwise, I probably wouldn't care. I'm just bitter about them beating my Cowboys a few weeks ago. Even though it's the Cowboys' fault because they played like a bunch of middle school girls. But whatever. Tom Petty was okay (do they pre-record the halftime show like they do the Anthem? He sounded pretty good...) He sang three of his lamest songs, but I guess "Refugee" and "Breakdown" (my two favorites) wouldn't have fit in given the event. There were some funny commercials. The e-Trade baby was pretty funny. The Justin Timberlake Pepsi ad was funny. The Planters commercial ad with the unibrow chick was hysterical. But my three favorites were The Clydesdale Beer Wagon team (where the dalmatian trained him)
the Life Water dancing lizards (brought back memories of teaching ourselves the Thriller dance!)

and, of course, my future husband Will Ferrell's Bud Light ad ("Bud Lite--Suck one!")

Mardi Gras Marathon Training: Wednesday - 8 miles; Friday - 4 mile hill program on treadmill; Sunday - 18 miles LSD. Ran the first 9 mile loop with my mom, who is running the Gasparilla 15K on Saturday. It was warm and soupy out, very gross. Also gross was a lovely smashed possum in the road around mile 7. When I came back around on the second loop (by myself,) there were five vultures picking it apart. Two were circling, two were dining, and one was sitting on the median with his wings spread, making himself look bigger. I didn't see any way to avoid them (other than cutting across the golf course, but I didn't think of that until I had already passed,) so I started making a lot of noise, hollering, "Shoo, buzzards! I don't want your roadkill!" They got out of my way, one flying up to perch on a road sign, another up on a lamp post. I didn't like the way the one on top of the sign was looking at me, so I lit outta there like a bat out of hell. Creepy ginormous birds...ugh.

Next race: Gasparilla 15K, Saturday, February 9. I need to break 1:48 to PR.

Sunday, February 03, 2008

Super Bowl XLII, Part Deux

Evil is victorious. I expect the world to implode at any moment :-(

Next year, the Super Bowl will be held here in Tampa. The Cowboys will represent the NFC, and they will win.

Let it be said, let it be done.

(And I will stalk Tony Romo while he is in town.)

Super Bowl XLII

GOOOOOOO PATS!! The Giants are evil. They must be destroyed.

I'm also really looking forward to halftime. I love Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers. I hope they don't sound as bad as the Stones did last year...

Friday, February 01, 2008

Got Delaware?

I don't. But I will by the end of the year. Thanks to Nancy, I've got my fifth marathon on the schedule for 2008. That is, it'll be my fifth provided that, A) Bar Harbor actually happens--the girl I'm planning on going with has been MIA for the past month; and B) I actually finish the four marathons I have on tap before Delaware. You know, without dying and all...

So I put a feeler out to Kay, who's also collecting the states. We'll see what happens.

Meanwhile, I guess I should be worrying about Mardi Gras, which is but three short weeks away. That one's going to be fun, anyway. I *heart* New Orleans, and we're staying an extra day beforehand to do some sightseeing. We'll get to meet some Penguins, eat some awesome food, and run on an historic race course that's flat flat flat. Can't wait!