Monday, February 18, 2008

Gasparilla Distance Classic 15K

I've been neglectful yet again. Here is the race report that I posted to my lists:

Well, it was not my day to PR today. I missed it by about 2 minutes. Finished in 1:50:13, according to my watch. But I JFR'd, I ran like hell, I ran till my eyeballs bled, I did my very best, and it's difficult to be disappointed with my time. So I'm not. I figure I must have been in WAY better shape last year to get 1:48 and change.

My mom came in about 3 minutes after me.

It was a gorgeous weather day, in the mid-60s at the start, not terribly sunny. I was in my Geek Hat, which got lots of cheers. I felt kinda bad because one guy wished me a happy birthday. I just said thanks and kept running. No birthday--I' m just wearing a pink tiara because I'm a dork ;)

Got my picture taken with a pirate afterward, got some delicious goodies, sang along to Taylor Swift with the lady at the WQYK truck, lost my dad (our chauffeur) for about a half hour after the race. The medals are kinda lame; last year's were WAY better. I'll post a picture later. Bright green ("Publix Green" as I call it) and it has the Publix logo great big on the ribbon. Blah. I'm a complete medal ho--I want the awesome bling! I saw a picture of the Mardi Gras medals online, and THOSE look like some awesome bling!

Anyway, another Gasparilla is in the books. So now I'm gonna go shower and take a nap, then maybe catch a movie later this evening. And next year? 1:48 will be annihilated :-D

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