Monday, February 04, 2008

Week in Review: Jan 28 - Feb 3

Well, another moderately uneventful week. Getting closer and closer to passing my speed at school. I've got five weeks. I think I can do it. Worked Wednesday night and Saturday morning, as usual. Saturdays bring out all the jackasses for some reason. Maybe it's just because I'm there longer to notice it.

Of course, there was the Super Bowl. A disappointment to me, but it's just because I don't like the Giants. Otherwise, I probably wouldn't care. I'm just bitter about them beating my Cowboys a few weeks ago. Even though it's the Cowboys' fault because they played like a bunch of middle school girls. But whatever. Tom Petty was okay (do they pre-record the halftime show like they do the Anthem? He sounded pretty good...) He sang three of his lamest songs, but I guess "Refugee" and "Breakdown" (my two favorites) wouldn't have fit in given the event. There were some funny commercials. The e-Trade baby was pretty funny. The Justin Timberlake Pepsi ad was funny. The Planters commercial ad with the unibrow chick was hysterical. But my three favorites were The Clydesdale Beer Wagon team (where the dalmatian trained him)
the Life Water dancing lizards (brought back memories of teaching ourselves the Thriller dance!)

and, of course, my future husband Will Ferrell's Bud Light ad ("Bud Lite--Suck one!")

Mardi Gras Marathon Training: Wednesday - 8 miles; Friday - 4 mile hill program on treadmill; Sunday - 18 miles LSD. Ran the first 9 mile loop with my mom, who is running the Gasparilla 15K on Saturday. It was warm and soupy out, very gross. Also gross was a lovely smashed possum in the road around mile 7. When I came back around on the second loop (by myself,) there were five vultures picking it apart. Two were circling, two were dining, and one was sitting on the median with his wings spread, making himself look bigger. I didn't see any way to avoid them (other than cutting across the golf course, but I didn't think of that until I had already passed,) so I started making a lot of noise, hollering, "Shoo, buzzards! I don't want your roadkill!" They got out of my way, one flying up to perch on a road sign, another up on a lamp post. I didn't like the way the one on top of the sign was looking at me, so I lit outta there like a bat out of hell. Creepy ginormous birds...ugh.

Next race: Gasparilla 15K, Saturday, February 9. I need to break 1:48 to PR.

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Team Boustead said...

Great pictures of your Mardi Gras Marathon, Shawn. I'm so jealous - mine's not until the end of May. Of course, since we're in the middle of ANOTHER major snowstorm, that's probably a good thing.

Jo in To