Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Birthday Pics

Late as usual, here are some pictures from my Sixth Annual 29th Birthday with the family (so you don't have to do the math: I'm 34 ;) ) on May 25, a day early. In case anyone is still interested.

Here's the cake. One layer chocolate, one layer white, buttercream frosting. Purple and yellow flowers. Everyone is happy :)

My sister Stephanie and me with the most popular ingredients of the evening. And to all of you who think we look sooooo much alike: Put down the glue. There's a passing resemblance at best ;)

Nectar of the Gods. I measured the tequila wrong, putting in a little more than 1-1/2 times what should have been put in. Everyone thought they were a little strong, but Tony (Steph's BF) and I enjoyed them immensely.

Yes, my gifts were wrapped in Hello Kitty paper. Yes, I'm 34.
Like his Auntie Shawn, LT REALLY enjoys cake and ice cream.

Helloooooo, Kitty!

A super-flattering picture of me psyched to get Dierks Bentley's Greatest Hits. It gets heavy rotation in Big Blue's CD player.

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RugbyRuss said...

Happy birthday! Keep mixing them strong and stay 29!