Monday, November 26, 2007

St. Pete Times Turkey Trot 10K

This is the race I PRd at last year. It wasn't to be this year :(

It was cool and kind of humid on Thanksgiving morning, and overcast, which was nice. I saw all the usual stuff at this race: a mariachi band, bagpipers, a steel drum duo, a guy quoting scripture at us, tons of turkey hats, several dogs (my favorite was the Rhodesian ridgeback in the Gators shirt,) and a guy in a viking helmet with horns and the whole shot. Can't quite figure that one out, but okay...Oh, and I don't know who they were, but the band playing at mile 5 ROCKED!! I'm going to have to email the RD and let them know how awesome they were. They were singing "Wild Night" as I was running by, and they were fantastic. They got a really loud "wooooo!" out of me and a Rock On hand signal. I got both back from the spectators near them, and a thumbs-up from the girl singer.

I moseyed my way to the finish line in 1:21-ish, which is 11 minutes slower than my PR and about seven minutes slower than my typical 10K time. Here are my excuses: I worked until 11 PM the night before, I hadn't run much since Marine Corps, I've put on a few pounds since last TG, and, uh, I'm lazy ;)

I looked for Slow Twin Bill, but I didn't see him this year. I did see one of the assistant managers at my work. He and his wife and 6-month old baby and in-laws were walking the 1-miler. Baby's First Turkey Trot! So I talked to them for a while before they took off.

So it was a pleasant way to spend the first part of my favorite holiday. I burned off about 1/6 of the calories I had planned to eat, then I gorged on turkey and stuffing (my mom's stuffing ROCKS!) and then I watched the Cowboys spank the Jets. So it was a fabulous day :)

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