Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Heaven in a Pie Plate

Okay, so I realize that I've been extremely negligent to my own blog as well as all my bloggie friends. Allow me to apologize yet again. I just lead an incredibly boring life :-D

I also am aware that I owe a race report for Marine Corps Marathon and a spectator report for Linae's Ironman victory weekend. I promise that those will come THIS WEEKEND.

But for now, this is how I spent my late morning/early afternoon:

That's right, it's my Nationally-Renowned apple pie (by nationally-renowned, I mean people in four states know it and love it.) I only make this once a year (twice if someone asks nicely/guilts me into it at Christmastime.) Once a year for the same reason I only make my sugar cookies once a year: not because it's difficult; it's just a huge pain in the ass working with the dough :-P

If anybody wants some, most of you know how to get here ;)

Doing a 10K Turkey Trot in Clearwater tomorrow, so I'll be back and regale you all with the details of that tomorrow! Betcha can't wait!

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