Monday, May 01, 2006

Stuff to do before I die

I'm bored and my fingers aren't working too well this morning, so I thought I'd take a break a bit early. I posted this list on a Yahoo group I'm on and thought I'd add it here. You know, for posterity and all :) It's mostly stuff I've been afraid to do for whatever reason.

1. Get my belly button pierced--I need less belly, though ;)
2. Get a tattoo--Something small and inconspicuous that not EVERYONE will get to see. (wink wink nudge nudge...)
3. Parasailing--I've already got two volunteers to do this with me this summer.
4. Snorkling--I love aquariums, but I'm terrified of open water swimming. Sharks and jellyfish are two of my biggest nightmares.
5. Surfing--Looks like soooo much fun, but see above.
6. Skydiving--I'm still chicken when it comes to this, so I would do it tandem only. Preferably hooked up to a smokin' hottie. I wonder if anyone's ever vomited at 30,000 feet?
7. Ice skating--It's weird that I grew up in the freakin' tundra and have never been ice skating.
8. Skiing--Bunny slope is fine. I'm mostly afraid of not being able to stop :)
9. Travel to a country outside of North America. ANY country.
10. Finish school, get a job, move somewhere else maybe. I have somewhere in mind, but I'll have to see how stuff goes before I make my final decision.


Dawn - Pink Chick said...

Heh, I learned to ski at 27 and went from bunny hills to black diamond in the same season. Great looking ski instructors helped me get

Come to Canada - we'll teach ya to

Holly said...

All some great goals!

I did my first skiing at age 30 and my first snowboarding at age 35 and my family lives in Vermont! Location doesn't mean that you can automatically ski and ice skate!

So Daiho Hilbert said...

Hello Shawn, Great goals and all seemingly destined to get you out of the little safety box you are in. Break a leg, not! See ya!

*jeanne* said...

Most of those I NEVER want to do. Sky-diving, tatoos, piercings...nope nope nope. Not for ME!

*jeanne* said...

PS - So what does a FIFTY-something underachiever wish to accomplish before dying?

I'd better work on this soon, eh? before time runs out...