Friday, September 04, 2009

Ten Second Book Review - New Moon

New Moon by Stephenie Meyer

So being basically a 15-year-old girl at heart, I bought into the teenage girl mass hysteria surrounding the Twilight books. After reading the first book, Twilight, I was left wanting a vampire boy of my very own. Having finished New Moon, I'm now thinking werewolves are the way to go and I'm firmly ensconced in Team Jacob, despite knowing how this series will turn out.

If Bella doesn't want him, she can send him my way ;)


TronWife said...

I'm holding off on fessing up to being Team Jacob till the actor who plays him is of age to legally consent to the things I would do to him...rofl.

Shawn said...

LOL--I know, right?? I feel like a dirty ol' lady ;)

Shawn "The Cougar" Newton

RunningBetty said...

My 11 year old is ALL about Twilight. But did you see the movie? It is so beyond bad.