Friday, May 22, 2009

RR: Hog Hustle 5K

Six days late and probably about $20 short ;)
Dunedin, FL, May 16, 2009, 8 AM

I wanted 30-ish. I got 30:32.

This is a fun little race that runs through Dunedin. I can't remember exactly the story of how it got its name; something about rounding up thewild hogs that lived on Caladesi Island, which used to be called Hog Island. Anyway, the race starts and finishes at the ballpark where the Blue Jays do their spring training, goes through the downtown area, through a couple of the nice little neighborhoods, and along the water. There were over 300 people this year. The shirt usually has some kind of tacky, colorful pig cartoon on it, and this year's was no exception. It had a pig dressed as a pirate. How friggin' awesome is that?? ;)

Met up with "Slow Twin" Bill, who isn't slow at all, but is marginally slower than his brother. After hanging out and BS'ing a bit, Bill went to warm up before heading to the race start. I had briefly thought of finding him and drafting the first half of the race off of him, but it was kind of hot and I didn't feel up to running at puke speed, so I just settled into a nice, even pace. Hung off the right shoulder of this big dude for about half a mile, but he slowed down, so I reeled in this other guy, who had some pretty bad-a$$ tats on his arms. Spent the next mile or so trying to figure out what some of them were, but then I got ahead of him, too. Just kind of zoned out after that. Walked the second waterstop. It was hot and I was tired, and I wasn't going for a PR anyway. Right before mile 3, this lady pushing a jog stroller came up on my left. She was barely sweating. I'm distrustful of her. Oh HELL no. You are NOT passing me!So I pushed a little more and finished about 10 seconds ahead of her.

All in all, I'm not disappointed with my time. I was only here for the tshirt and the socialization, anyway, and we're a few months past prime running PR weather here. Plus, I got what I wanted, time-wise, so it was a good day.

Next race: Mad Dog Sprint tri, May 31, my first of the season. Bring it!!

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