Thursday, May 15, 2008

RR: Women Run the World 15K

Sunday, May 4, was the 15K of the Minnie Marathon weekend at Disney World. This was my first Disney race, so I did my usual touristy thing and brought my camera.

Since Kay lives about 20 minutes from Disney, she was kind enough to let me crash at her house again. I got to her house after hitting Wide World of Sports and picking up my packet after work on Saturday. It wasn't a bad drive; took me less than two hours to get there. We met Daria and her son for dinner at Macaroni Grill in Winter Garden. Yummy food and good company--can't beat it! Afterward, we went back to Kay's and crashed, since we had to get up at the ass-crack of dawn to get to the Disney shuttle buses. I am NOT a morning person. I'm in the wrong sport.

So here's the start line:
The first half of the race was pretty boring. It started in the parking lot of Animal Kingdom, then ran down the access roads. But then it went into MGM, or whatever they're calling it now. This is the backside of Tower of Terror:

And the streets of "New York:"

My camera batteries died here. I was bummed because around the corner was "Beverly Hills" and some characters. Mulan's dragon friend Moo-Shu blew me a kiss, and I *missed* getting it on my card :-( But then I got the brilliant idea to just switch the batteries, and it worked for a while. Here's the Swan Hotel:

And then we got into Epcot. Here's part of "England:"

"France" from a distance:



"Italy" (probably my favorite:)

"Germany" (homeland of half of my people, lol:)



Here are Kay, me, and Daria after our finishes. Yes, the goofy tiara made yet another appearance. I figured of alllll the races in the world, the tiara would be most at home at a Disney race geared toward women. And I was right :) Photo courtesy of Daria:

The margarita hut was closed. Sadness :(

The Epcot globe:

Bling! Medal and cotton shirt. They gave away tech shirts, but I didn't get one because I couldn't get to packet pick-up until late Saturday, so of course they ran out. But I was okay with it when I saw Kay's--it was positively TINY. WTF were they thinking??

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*jeanne* said...

Bah, HUMBUG...makes me want to run it.
Just for the Minnie-eared &
-bowed medal.

SO! YOU! No longer a Disney Race Virgin!

Would you "do" Mickey?
Or Goofy?