Tuesday, July 31, 2007

I *AM* a runner, dammit!!!

Since I haven't run for almost a week and a half, I have really NOT felt like a runner lately. I came across a list of "You Know You're a Runner When..." entries on a website, and I had to laugh. I'm sure y'all have seen all these before, but I copied down the ones that I identify with:

*You carry a water bottle everywhere
*You can use the words "easy" and "10 miles" in the same sentence
*You return from vacation more exhausted than when you left
*Your shoes have more miles on them than your car does
*Ibuprofen is your recreational drug of choice
*You have hundreds of safety pins scattered around your house
*You can correctly pronounce names like "Khalid Khannouchi" and "Meb Keflezighi"
*You shower about 12 times a week
*You have a watch tan line that never goes away
*You own spandex in more than one color
*You have chafing in strange places (aaaaaaaand how!!)
*You haven't bought new work clothes in two years but you own running shorts by every manufacturer under the sun
*Your heart rate is below 50 and you are not dying
*You try to convince people to run a 5K because it's "only" three miles (guilty...)
*Your watch is more expensive and more complicated than your car

I *WILL* run tomorrow. I have a marathon to prepare for in less than a month.


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Dawn - Pink Chick said...

OMG, I'm a runner too. I can so relate to these statements. Yup, I've run more miles this year then I've put on the truck.

I think I don't have a tan until I remove my watch...lol.

I have more running clothes then I do work clothes.

Love it, thanks for sharing.