Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Fifth Annual 29th Birthday Run

Saturday, May 26, was my 33rd birthday. Or my fifth annual 29th birthday. It's a joke that kind of took off on my 30th birthday and never died around here :) I always do a run on my birthday, so I decided to take my camera with me, just so my friends who don't live near me can kind of see where I live. I made a birthday mix of songs for my iPod. I went with country music in honor of my redneck Pasco County home ;) Hope y'all enjoy!

Our house. There used to be a big-ass camphor tree in the hole in the middle of the lawn, but it was cracking the driveway, so my folks had it taken out. And we took the shutters off the windows so we can get the hurricane shutters up if need be (let's hope we don't need them...)

My mom, Carol (in the middle) and our neighbors across the street, Jim and Lydia (the Nicest People EVER.) Jim is a retired Army captain from Boston, and Lydia is from Argentina. My mom threatened me physically if this photo of her showed up online. What she don't know...hehehe She was doing yard work. She cleans up good ;)

The 17th green of the Beacon Woods Golf Course, aka, Jim and Lydia's backyard

Our hibiscus

Ain't they purty? They look so tropical...

I'm 97.5% sure these are azaleas...
(Update 6/2: These are actually oleander. Thanks, Linae!)

I was pretty far away from this guy, and the picture got all blurry when I zoomed in. These dudes run amok around the neighborhood.

Hill. It's worse than it looks. We'll call it a bad camera angle. Or we can call me a wuss ;)

I love this little condo area. One of these babies will only set you back $250,000 with an in-ground caged pool. $230,000 without the pool. They're about 1200 square feet. Being a Midwesterner, I find that slightly insane, but whatever...

I'm not sure if these are ibis or egrets. I get the two mixed up. I want to say ibis, because egrets have longer, more 'S'-shaped necks. I think.
(Update 6/2: These *are* ibis. Thanks Ellie!)

Yep, we're in Florida :)

Magnolia. It smells absolutely heavenly around here between the magnolias and the gardenias

Two and a half years and I still have only seen one...

The road leading back to the house

Brown anole, one of several who live in our grill. We have to shake it before we fire it up, the little bastards...

My birthday cake. It was soooooo gooooood. My eyes still roll back when I think of it
My dad was on his way to California for work, so he wasn't able to be here. He called me while I was running and sang a birthday song he made up :) Mom and I went to dinner at a little Mexican restaurant, Estela's. Excellent food. And great margaritas! (I wanted to get a picture of me drinking one, but I forgot my camera, and I have the only cell phone in North America that doesn't have a camera in it.)
Then I had a Will Ferrell movie-thon: "Anchorman," "Old School," and "Talladega Nights." So I worked off some of the calories I had ingested by laughing my fool head off.
So nothing fancy, just a nice, quiet day :)


Ellie said...

Happy Late Birthday! Sounds like it was fun. Love your pictures! Those are ibises... the long, downward-curved bill gives them away. Egrets have a straight bill.

Shawn said...

Thanks, Ellie! I thought they were ibises, but I confuse them with egrets all the time. I'm not much of a bird person...

TriFeist said...

Awesome pics! We have Estela's down here as well. Such a tasty place.

The flowers are oleanders. Azeala's don't get that tall in Florida. Oleanders are very poisonous.

The birds are ibis.

Glad to help and HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!

From Here to There said...

I loved this post! What a great birthday run. I used to do those... why the heck did I stop? I see an old tradition resurrecting.

I want cake now too!

Hope you had a great birthday, with lots of Borders gift cards!

Dianne W. said...

I have the other cell phone without a camera. :)