Friday, March 09, 2007


Well, another Friday is here and that means another update! Yay!

I finished my book last Friday evening. Sobbed like the hyper-emotional wreck that I am (was.) My parents went out to the store and decided to bring dinner home, and my mom called to see what I wanted. She said, "What's wrong? You sound like you're breathing hard." I answered, "*sniff* N-nothing...*snuffle*" It's the rare author that can get me so involved in a story and make me actually care about fictional characters. I feel kind of silly. But I now have a better understanding of people addicted to soap operas. I once heard a girl I worked with talking on the phone, and I thought she was talking about someone she knew. Turns out it was characters on "Young and the Restless." :-P Anyway, even though I have no intention of reading book #3 (Voyager) until May, the way book #2 ended, I *had* to read the first ten pages, just to appease my curiosity. I doubt I could have made it two more months ;)

For my next book, I went with Me Talk Pretty One Day by David Sedaris, which wasn't even one of my original options. It's supposed to be hysterically funny. I'll let you know; I haven't started it yet. I used this week to get caught up on magazines that have been laying around on my desk (two issues of Self, one issue of Runner's World, one issue of Bookmarks, and three issues of Journal of Court Reporting. Fun stuff there!)

On Sunday, my parents and I went to the celebration of all things redneck (no, not the Florida State Fair, but close), the Strawberry Festival in Plant City. It was pretty fun. Watched pig races, counted mullets, and saw lots of morbidly obese people hanging around the fried candy bar stand. So it was pretty much exactly like every state fair I have ever been to (Michigan, Texas, Indiana, and Florida so far.) The Strawberry Festival's big draw is strawberry shortcake, which was so tasty, it made my eyes roll back in my head. And anytime I go to a fair, I *must* get a corndog (mustard only, please) and a lemon shake-up. We got two flats of strawberries on the way out, and then realized that two people would never be able to eat all of them before they go green and fuzzy, so we gave a flat to our neighbors. And we've been making homemade strawberry shortcake and chocolate dipped strawberries for a week. Not to mention I've been popping plain strawberries like they're candy. Yummmm....Florida has the BEST strawberries I've ever tasted :)

I watched one of the two Netflix movies I've had for six weeks, Invincible. It was a really good movie. Being a Disney movie, I was prepared for a lot more schmaltz than I got :) I'm watching Nacho Libre tonight. I know it will be completely stupid, but that's why I got it.

I spent a load of money over the weekend. I ordered my Big Orange shoes (see previous post) from Road Runner Sports, and a bottle of my perfume. I was very excited that they FINALLY came out with an eau de parfum; the "fragrance spray" I've been using doesn't last very long on me. Not that anyone's been sniffing me lately...

I also got my airfare to Cincinnati for Flying Pig, and I sent in my check for the guaranteed entry to Marine Corps Marathon.

Worked at the Hellhole Saturday night and Monday night. It wasn't horrible. I got to work with my buddy Paige, which is always fun. How sad is it that my best "work friend" is a 17-year-old girl?? I think the fact that everyone I work with is so young (most of the people I work with are 18-24) is the reason I don't always realize that I'm as old as I am. I once told my friends Melanie and Amy (who are 32 and 36, respectively) that I would get messages on my Myspace page from 37 and 38-year-old guys, and I would think, "Why is this 'old' guy messaging me?" Oh, wait--I'm 32....And it's REALLY strange that I think that because I *like* older guys. My ex-husband is 48 now. I probably won't go THAT much older than me next time, but still...

All right, I'm rambling now. Sorry. This weekend has me running 15 miles in preparation for the ING Atlanta Marathon in two weeks, and working a nice, short, five-hour shift on Saturday, and giving the Great Dane a bath on Sunday. And practicing as much as I can stand it :) Which will *still* not be enough.

Have a great weekend!


Holly said...

Me Talk Pretty is D*MN FUNNY! I just finished it two weeks ago! Have fun on you 15 miles this weekend!

momo said...

sounds like a busy week - and you found time to read??

we have a farm in iowa and they have a strawberry festival every summer, there is no other word to explain it besides YUMMY, you are right!

have a great weekend!

Ellie said...

Thank you, Shawn! I picked up and browsed this book awhile back, thought I'd like it, filed it on my back burner, and forgot the title. I've been trying to remember and now you've posted about it! I sure know how to pick my friends...

Carlene said...

I've read the whole Diana Gabaldon series, some of the books multiple times too. Definitely worth buying and hanging on to. Enjoy!

From Here to There said...

I loved that book! I can't wait for the next one.

I can relate to what you're saying about hanging with the younger crowd at work. I think it keeps you young and hip! Run with it!